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Doe a Deer

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Doe, a dear, a female deer. Unlike the dulcet tones of family von Trapp, my families suburban cycles sounded more like a cat in a bag. Bewitched by those dang catchy lyrics, we stubbornly persisted anyway. “When you know the notes to sing, you can sing most anything. No Maria. not really. In this way we were much like the deer….unwavering and bull-headed. When a deer has marked his or her habitat and settled in, they would rather starve to death than leave it in search of food. If I have the home, the food will come!

In tribute to this velvet antlered woodland creature I have attempted to convert a plain pine coffee table into a whimsical childrens craft table.

How to refurbish a pine coffee table into a kids craft table.

Painted the table top in mustard and the legs in blue. On the legs rubbed back a coat of white.

Made deer stencil from on contact (the sticky plastic sheets used to cover books).
Using the stencil, painted in blue deer.
Cut out some beetles, bugs and butterflies, lightly glued to table and sprayed over with silver spray paint.

Painted the roses and flowers on deer antlers with oil paints.

Then varnished the table top to protect it from little fingers and miniature scissors.

The finished Deer Kids Craft Table….

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