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Alice in Wonderland Party


Which little girl can resist everything that is Alice in Wonderland?

You’re lured in by the white rabbit in his waist coat and watch, only to see Alice follow him and fall down the rabbit hole. Things only get better from here. In her quest to find him she takes advice from a blue caterpillar smoking a hookah, attends a mad tea party and plays croquet with the Queen of hearts. All the while she nibbles on biscuits and mushrooms causing her height to fluctuate from three inches to a mile high.

The story is peppered with the most curious riddles, dialogue and personalities.

Goal: From Wire to Wonderland – Making a Paper Mache Queen of Hearts

To make the frame for the Queen of Hearts, I rolled chicken wire into a torso like shape and secured in place with small snipped pieces of wire (children’s band aid size). Head and buxom bits made with wire from a wire roll, also secured in place with small wire pieces.

Wrapped tape all around the frame to secure and to give the paper and glue more surface to stick to. With ripped up pieces of newspaper layered several layers of paper mache, making sure each layer was dry before adding another.

Once the paper mache figure was completely dry, using a thick black marker I traced out the shape of her dress. Painted her head white and the white part of her dress, then gradually added more layers of paint: black for her hair and the outline of her dress, the red of her dress, glued on red paper doilies and crown. Last but not least, her facial expression …slightly shocked!

Husband cleverly engineered an interior tube and a square hole centred at the bottom of her dress. The Queen was versatile: a party prop and the starting point for playing croquet. Kids placed a tennis ball in her mouth which rolled out her side, shooting out onto the grass which they then croqueted along the lawn!

Some of the additional themed party decorations and food I made.

3 thoughts on “Alice in Wonderland Party

  1. Impressive work on the Queen of Hearts structure. A post on the caterpillar would also be interesting to read – looks like a great kids party. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Could be said any better than this. Amazing site, cheers

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