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Starfish Childrens Table and Toy Chest

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The starfish is a star shaped marine animal with spiny skin (echinoderm) and typically 5 legs.

If a starfish drops a leg in combat, it grows back within a year.

If a starfish is chopped into pieces, each piece can grow into a whole new starfish!

Pretty clever, for something that has no brain.

In tribute to this re-generative, brain-dead echinoderm, I refurbished a children’s table and toy chest, “starfish” themed.

The Starfish Toy Chest

The toy chest was originally a light lilac blue colour.

Around the sides of the chest, I randomly spray painted parts in Ocean blue. Then with thick brush strokes I painted mustard to resemble sand. Lastly added green and yellow tinges along the corners with oil paints by smearing down with a cloth.

I painted the interior of the toy chest and just the top of the lid in white. Once dry, lightly glued paper shaped starfish to surface. Spray painted with two coats of Ocean blue. Removed paper star fish and painted dots in the centre and along the arms of stars with oil paints.

While still damp I painted the surface with a coat of varnish to make the dots look a little smeared, like water passing over starfish.

The Saw Horse Starfish Table

Husband drilled planks of wood along the two saw horse legs. With a thick brush I painted both the table top and saw horse legs with British Paints White Opal. Then spray painted the legs with two coats of Ocean Blue Killrust.

Using standard A4 paper, I cut out a few starfish shapes and lightly glued them to the white table top. Sprayed over it with Ocean Blue Spray paint. Removed the paper stars and painted dots in the centre and along the arms of stars with oil paints.

While the table top was damp I varnished the surface, mixing in a touch of yellow oil paint to give it a blue-green streaky tinge, like sea water covering starfish.

The matching Starfish Set…

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