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Ballerina Bunting

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How are Ballet and the Food Pyramid alike? They both have a four level hierarchy and very little fat.      Pink Ballet girls pyramid

In a ballet company there are four levels of dancers. At the bottom is the corps de ballet. These are like the backup dancers, they are the largest group and work as one with synchronized movements. Next are the coryphees who lead the backup dancers, perform in smaller group dances and some solo roles. Ahead of them are the soloists, who dance solo parts. At the top are the principals who dance the starring roles, aka Natalie Portman in Black Swan.


As we’re on a road trip over Christmas am pretty sure we won’t be putting up a Christmas tree. Unwilling to go without decorations I decided instead to make these paper ballerina’s and put them up in the living room for some Christmas cheer.

How to Make a Paper Ballerina Bunting

krokotak Collage w xmas descriptionCollage 1

I threaded the ballerina arms through some balled cotton, however tinsel would also be very Christmassy!


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