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Living Doll


When I was growing up I don’t remember having a lot of dolls. I had stuffed toys, teddy bears and a concrete tub full of goldfish. This all changed when I started school and Cabbage Patch Kids were all the rage. Do you remember these dimple cheeked dolls? They smelled like baby powder, came with a name, adoption papers and a birth certificate! cabbage patch in blue dress

Well, I never got one. Not even the poor man’s version (sold without dimples). Instead I got ‘Rainbow Bright.’ Yes. As the name would suggest, she was a brightly coloured doll; there were several of them, each of a different rainbow colour. Mine had woollen tangerine hair and rainbow striped legs. Whenever other kids had ‘cabbage patch parties’, I would attend with rainbow bright in tow. Sigh.

tangerine rainbow brightAlas, at least mum had the foresight and kindness to provide me with a living doll. Eat your hearts out you Cabbage patch collectors, mine was a crying, talking, sleeping, walking …living doll. Just shy of 4 years old and I got myself a sister!

And she was a doll, someone to talk to, have tea parties with and squash the bejesus out of.


Next month my sister is turning another year wiser. I’ve made ‘I dream of Jeannie’ birthday invites for her, and am in the process of making a few easy to make birthday decorations, and thought to share them with you.

I dream of Jeannie picture frameI Dream of Jeannie picture frame. Made with cardboard, ribbon, pipe cleaners and craft glue. Jeannie is currently residing in the frame, however she will soon be replaced with a picture of my sister as a young girl wearing a hot pink dress with very large shoulder pads.

I dream of jeannie wine bottleOutlined with black marker and painted with 2 layers of acrylic paint. Just open and enjoy!

For more tales and tomes on dolls, pop-over to http://clarescraftroom.blogspot.com.au/

Jeannie Doll

8 thoughts on “Living Doll

  1. Hello Diana from your sister in law in Melbourne. Just letting you know that you are one up on me. I didn’t get a cabbage patch doll or a baby sister!

  2. This is truly sad. But at least you got a half decent pair of sisters in law! (Shame about their husbands)

  3. I always thought Cabbage Patch dolls were really ugly anyway . A rainbow doll and a sister were much better ideas . Thanks so much much for linking up and playing xx

  4. No worries, was bitter sweet to reminisce!

  5. Lovely story. You have done a wonderful job on your sister’ b/day.Cabbag patch came well after I was grown up.:)

  6. I love the Rainbow Bright and got most of them for daughter. She loved them too because Rainbow had a horse. I always thought Cabbage Patch Dolls were a very good marketing plan for a very homely doll.

  7. I suppose a horse is better than a birth certificate…and those rainbow bright dolls were more bright than bumpkin. I’m almost over not ever having a cabbage patch doll!

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