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Foxy Lady


Did you have a nickname growing up?
When we were growing up we had a neighbour who half snorted his speech. If this wasn’t endearing enough, he combined a well coiffed mullet with a teensy weensy pair of footy shorts, think Warwick Capper in his heyday and add a 20kg muffin top.
This fine fellow used to call my sister ‘Mala Lisica’. This translates to ‘Little Fox.’ Creepy.
Nonetheless, since my sister did bloom into a foxy lady turns out the (tainted) nickname was right on. In tribute to this shared childhood memory (that we can laugh about now), a skulk of foxes grace her birthday present gift wrap, each with his/her own nickname from Cocktail Cathie to Moves Marie.
valentine gift wrap 004
valentine gift wrap 005
valentine gift wrap 022
tails collage2
Mina Braun Fox

2 thoughts on “Foxy Lady

  1. that Hotioexualsmy is a birth defect caused by babies drinking juice ou of plastic bottles. Boy Alicia you really must HATE yourself, he think that Gays and blacks are abnormal. Now he thinks that his buddy Charle Sheen is NORMAL.Keep that self hate up Baby !PS: I thought you stayed away because of all the crackpot shit coming out about Charlie Sheen and RACIST your buddy Alex Jones.

  2. I read your post and wished I’d written it

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