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Refurbishing Vintage Patio Chairs


Recently in Melbourne we stumbled across Hosier Lane, walls filled with bright street art from sidewalk to skyline. It’s amazing how transforming spray paint can be.


And so, once again I find myself turning to killrust in a can. It’s extremely durable for spray painting outdoor furniture. I painted these vintage (50’s?) wrought iron chairs several months ago. There were four Vintage Iron chairs in total; two tubs chairs and two rocking chairs. All were in a flaky and slightly rusted condition, so washed them then sanded them back to smooth surfaces. Spray painted them with one coat of Killrust in brown before painting 2 coats of liquid Killrust in Vintage Green. 

refurbished black chairs

refurbished rockers

Until recently these chairs were a place where pillows went to die, foraged from sofas and armchairs. Now we have matching Pillow Perfect outdoor cushions in a retro birds and vines print.

These puppies are plush! 5 inches of padding and a beverage of choice make for a perfect weekend spot.



If you live in Sydney and would like to see some street art in the making, head to Hazelhurst Gardens, Gymea on Friday the 15th of February, 2013. Starting between 10 – 11am, Beastman will be spray painting a mural, where it will remain until April 1.



I would love to go, but find it increasingly difficult to get out of these chairs!

3 thoughts on “Refurbishing Vintage Patio Chairs

  1. Beautiful job on the chairs – that is what I call recycling! Hope you can stop by the enchanted oven to say hi!

  2. Thankyou, love those old chairs. Your lavender cookies look yum, nice piping detail!

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