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The Tooth Fairy

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Yesterday my daughter asked if the tooth fairy is real.

These are tricky times. If I say no, who’s next on the chopping block? The Easter Bunny? Santa Claus?

Tooth disposal has always been a serious business. In medieval times, the freshly fallen tooth would be thrown into a fire to ward off witches who needed those teeth, hair, nail clippings etc to add to Toe of frog and Eye of newt. It wasn’t until the early 1900’s that the ‘good’ Tooth Fairy came into being, with her exchange of coin for tooth.

tooth fairy collecting tooth

By the 1950’s the Tooth Fairy had a thriving business in children’s books. However it was the 80’s when the Tooth Fairy hit pay dirt. She got very savvy, commercialized and merchandised the Tooth Fairy brand via special pillows, dolls, movies, books, cards and more. It’s a wonder she bothers at all with that under the pillow chump change anymore!

Tooth fairy merchandise

Many of the kids in my daughter’s class are starting to lose teeth, so when I saw this Tooth Fairy doll with pocket I thought it would make a great birthday gift for one of her friend’s. Painted matching wrapping paper.

tooth fairy gift wrapped 023

tooth fairy gift wrapped 028

tooth fairy gift wrapped 043

Norman Rockwell, “Girl Missing Tooth.” Oil on Canvas, 1957.


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