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Sea Monsters!


Science fiction and folklore are peppered with stories of large and lurking creatures of the deep. They can be elusive, like the Loch ness Monster, who placidly dwells in a lake in northern Scotland. They can be hell bent on revenge, like the tale of Moby Dick, where man takes on gargantuan whale and loses. Then there are those that lurk, like Jaws, on a blood thirsty rampage for life and limb!

Loch ness, Jaws and Moby Dick

However, my favourite sea monster would have to be the Giant Squid. This beast goes into battle with cannon laden ships, suffocates submarines (20,000 Leagues under the Sea) and takes on enormous whales, leaving their tentacle sucker battle scars on anything in its path.

1 the kraken

Hundreds of years ago, sailors told tales of ‘The Kraken’, a squid so big he could crack the hull of a ship and toss it in the air. Who could forget the duel of Captain Jack Sparrow: “Ello Beastie,” he says as row upon row of ferocious squid beak descend upon him.

With the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise fresh in the minds of Adults and children, I went with the Giant Squid theme at a recent craft playgroup. I drew the Squid and painted around him. With bubble wrap and paint brush, parents and kids stamped the tentacles along his arms. Lots of messy fun!

Giant squid painting

Just add kids, paint and bubble wrap!

octopus and easter eggs 035

giant squid painting using bubble wrap


3 thoughts on “Sea Monsters!

  1. Adorable idea! Thank you so much for linking up at Monday Kid Corner.
    Have a terrific week! And be sure to check out the other linkies this week, listed on our site.

  2. Hi Jennifer. Thankyou! and Happy Birthday to Dr. Suess!

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