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Dye Your Own Easter Eggs

how do you like them eyes

How did Easter go from crucifixion to chocolate eggs, resurrection to rabbits? hot cross buns and egg hunts?

Growing up I had mixed feelings about Easter. I had no gripe with hollow chocolate eggs of sub-standard quality. The teenage me had issues with going to Easter Sunday service, mostly because being the eldest child I had to hoard the basket for blessing. This big basket was laden with boiled and dyed eggs, hard and soft cheeses, breads, sausages, cured meats, salt and a candle. After a lengthy service (and no prior breakfast), we would fall upon the food like wilder beasts. Once full, the fun would really begin. My family partakes in egg tapping.

This is a time old Slavic tradition where you tap your hard boiled eggs in an attempt to crack your opponents egg and not your own. Last egg standing wins. I never had much luck with the win part, nonetheless, watching grown adults degenerate into fits of giggles over an egg tap is the best part of Easter for me.

slavic easter collage

As I’m bound to continue my losing ‘Egg Tap’ streak, I may as well at least have good looking eggs. This is my first attempt at dying eggs and a trial run for Easter Sunday. Materials: thread, stickers and food dye.

What you need to dye eggs

Firstly I hard boiled all eggs. I wrapped the first egg with string, added dot stickers and submerged in hot water with Rosado food dye and 1/4c vinegar for 5mins. Cooled egg, then removed string and stickers.

dyed thread red egg

Using two other eggs I added various chicken, rabbit, egg stickers. Left eggs to soak in pink and blue food dye and vinegar for 5 mins.Mixed food dye together and died one egg purple.

Stickers on eggs

The finished product…

All eggs

Not bad for a first attempt?

Happy Easter!

sretan uskrs eggs on tree

totally tutorials

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A Day Out at Hazelhurst Gallery & Gardens

On February 24th Hazelhurst Gardens celebrated their 13th Birthday. This place is a garden, cafe and regional gallery that hosts all sorts of interesting events, from Art Express to Children’s ceramics classes. I was lured in by a spray painted mural by Beastman (see original post on “Spray Painting” my vintage patio chairs… https://speckledsydney.wordpress.com/2013/02/11/refurbishing-vintage-patio-chairs).

Was pleasantly surprised to see the mural and to find that the garden was kitted out in bright balloons, bunting, and a dozen yarn bombed trees!

Hazelhurst Collage
Fairy floss and mini cupcakes were in abundance. Reverse garbage had a tent for kids craft, clowns were balloon making, women were weaving and jazz was playing. Inside, the gallery was filled with all manner of crafty people selling their wares and an interactive weaving wall.

Hazelhurst pottery Collage
H sign walk

Hazelhurst Weaving wall Collage

What a great place, we’ll be back again!


Hazelhurst gardens with balloon dog


Make your own Retro Space Wrapping Paper

The jetsons and Rosie

Meet George Jetson! He lives in the future. He works a 9 hour week and travels to work in a spaceship car that folds up into a suitcase. Rosie, his humanoid robot is both housekeeper and child care, which leaves Jane his wife ample time to shop. His son Elroy has school excursions to the moon, while his teenage daughter Judy has a digital diary but no face book account: the internet does not exist. Ironically print media still does!

George jetson reads newspaper

I grew up watching re-runs of the Jetson’s. The 1960’s look and feel of the show was so playful and optimistic. For an upcoming birthday, have bought the birthday boy a Space puzzle and thought to attempt a retro style wrapping paper using hand-made stencils and paints.

retro space stencils

I made two types of paper: one in blue/green, the other in silver/aqua tones.

retro spaceships giftwrap

The two for comparison…

two retro gift wraps

I ended up going with the silver. Here it is in all its’ gift wrapped glory…

silver space 021

If only dinner were a Push button away!

mrs jetson cooking

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The Queen of Hearts Paper Mache

The world’s biggest street party takes place once a year in Rio de Janeiro. Come February/ March, Brazilians bedazzle themselves from head to toe and samba through the streets during Carnivale. Alongst all the glitz, glam and garish, are the floats. These are the platforms for the dancers, decorated with huge paper mache works of art.

Rio de Janeiro Carivale Collage

This years Carnivale has been and gone. However, for a taste of something similar, for Sydneysiders there are a few festive parades on the horizon.

March 2, 2013: The 35th Sydney’s Mardi Gras Festival.

sydney mardi gras

May 17th, 2013: Port Douglas Carnivale


Last year I bravely attempted my first grand-scale paper mache project for my daughter’s “Alice in Wonderland” Birthday party. I made a huge 5 foot Queen of hearts.

Not quite a Carnivale masterpiece, but impressive enough for a little girl’s party!

Queen of hearts paper mache figurine

The original post, including other Alice in Wonderland Party decoration ideas can be found here:


making a queen of hearts paper mache