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Make your own Retro Space Wrapping Paper


The jetsons and Rosie

Meet George Jetson! He lives in the future. He works a 9 hour week and travels to work in a spaceship car that folds up into a suitcase. Rosie, his humanoid robot is both housekeeper and child care, which leaves Jane his wife ample time to shop. His son Elroy has school excursions to the moon, while his teenage daughter Judy has a digital diary but no face book account: the internet does not exist. Ironically print media still does!

George jetson reads newspaper

I grew up watching re-runs of the Jetson’s. The 1960’s look and feel of the show was so playful and optimistic. For an upcoming birthday, have bought the birthday boy a Space puzzle and thought to attempt a retro style wrapping paper using hand-made stencils and paints.

retro space stencils

I made two types of paper: one in blue/green, the other in silver/aqua tones.

retro spaceships giftwrap

The two for comparison…

two retro gift wraps

I ended up going with the silver. Here it is in all its’ gift wrapped glory…

silver space 021

If only dinner were a Push button away!

mrs jetson cooking

3 thoughts on “Make your own Retro Space Wrapping Paper

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  2. This wrapping paper looks fabulous and recalls fun memories of watching the Jetsons. Nice work!

  3. Thankyou! Nothing like a bit of fun nostalgia. Like your paper mache project!

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