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A Day Out at Hazelhurst Gallery & Gardens

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On February 24th Hazelhurst Gardens celebrated their 13th Birthday. This place is a garden, cafe and regional gallery that hosts all sorts of interesting events, from Art Express to Children’s ceramics classes. I was lured in by a spray painted mural by Beastman (see original post on “Spray Painting” my vintage patio chairs… https://speckledsydney.wordpress.com/2013/02/11/refurbishing-vintage-patio-chairs).

Was pleasantly surprised to see the mural and to find that the garden was kitted out in bright balloons, bunting, and a dozen yarn bombed trees!

Hazelhurst Collage
Fairy floss and mini cupcakes were in abundance. Reverse garbage had a tent for kids craft, clowns were balloon making, women were weaving and jazz was playing. Inside, the gallery was filled with all manner of crafty people selling their wares and an interactive weaving wall.

Hazelhurst pottery Collage
H sign walk

Hazelhurst Weaving wall Collage

What a great place, we’ll be back again!


Hazelhurst gardens with balloon dog

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