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I want Candy!


I want Candy…..bow, wow, wow

I want Candy….

Have you seen ‘Marie Antoinette’ by Sofia Coppola? My favourite scene in the film is filled with shoes and candy.

Marie and her ladies are trying on shoes as they gorge on an array of sweets… macaroons, petit fours, candied fruit peel, strawberries and rose petals swim across the screen in a pastel palette of sugar laden dreaminess!


Next week my niece is turning seven. I found her a very sweet birthday card and made matching gift wrap.


2 Painting sweet wrapping paper Collage

With a lead pencil I sketched out sweet treats on butcher’s paper. I started with aqua shades of water colour paints and continued through a pastel palette of colours.

4 card and candy

Personalized a Birthday greeting with stamps…

4 typo pad

The sweet treat gift wrapped…

6 gift wrapped

Happy Birthday Jemima!!


Marie Antoinette, I want candy:


2 thoughts on “I want Candy!

  1. This is so creative! That was my fave scene of the movie- it was visual eye candy

  2. So true! Endless shoes and sweet treats. I don’t know which is better!

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