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Where’s my Robot?

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According to the Jetsons, the future is filled with robot maids…  where’s mine?
Jane Jetson and Rosie

I see them disarm bombs in war torn countries, they traverse the surface of Mars and manufacture cars. All very impressive but where’s my robot? Is it too much to ask for a comforting robo-maid who talks like a pack a day wise cracking waitress as she whips up my bacon and eggs, packs school lunches and waves husband out the door? Instead I live in a present where all domestic drear housework and child rearing is done by me, without the slightest whiff of robotic assistance! About a year ago, my daughter got hooked on the idea that she needed a dress up robot outfit. I hurriedly made her one from an old whipper snipper box and marker pens. It kept her happy for days. This year I wanted to attempt upgrading my robot making skills.

boy and robot


Robot stencil

Robot raw materials

1 Robot front and back labelled

1 Black and silver robot front and back labelled

1 Robot front and back with dials and ribbons

make your own robot mask

Insert child and Voila!

 robot girl

One thought on “Where’s my Robot?

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