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So much to do, so little time…

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A few months back I partook in a great delusion… If I make a ‘To Do’ List, everything on it will get done. Procrastination will be a thing of the past and a shiny new efficient me will emerge. And so I made 7 lists with 7 To Do’s on each (see Feb post: The Big 7). Some of the things listed got done. Shirts were ironed, nooks and crannies were mopped out and the kitchen range hood shines like a copper coin. Towards the end I began listing craft and redecorating projects I wanted to finish off before baby comes.

Now past 38 weeks and waiting for baby to vacate the premises, this is this weeks To Do List….

Having a baby To Do list

As I’m having baby any day, it’s also made me think of this blog. Where do I go from here? As I enter a new phase in life, one marked with the annihilation of a good nights sleep, dodgy personal hygiene and a little Mini Master to be on call for, there’ll be little or no hope of coherent thoughts on my part, and so I’ll be taking a break from blogging.

Thankyou for all your likes and comments! It’s been reassuring to know I haven’t been talking to myself these past months. I hope to return to a life where crafty misadventures and writing about them is back on the cards, but who knows what the future holds.

Until then, Moo Cow, Double Quack!

expecting rain

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