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Kids Art & Craft Magazines, Australia

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There’s something in the water… and it’s not just the shark and box jelly fish! Some beautiful Australian published kids creative magazines are at hand.


There’s ‘Lotta,’ and it’s jam packed with a lotta stuff parents and kids can make together. With a crew of photogenic nieces, nephews and friends kids, Leonie, a  graphic designer from Queensland solo publishes Lotta to coincide with school holidays. Very convenient. Not too long ago we bought the ‘Space’ issue, and it inspired a school holiday long duration of space crafts, from home-made retro space wrapping paper to a new dress up outfit… robot girl!

robot girl and space wrap

Recently we discovered ‘Big Kids Magazine,’ which features the work of children and artists side by side. The senior editor Luca (age 10) oversees the hard work done by two professional artists; Perth based Jo Pollitt and Sydney based Lilly Blue.

big kids seed to sky

My daughter loved the recent ‘seed to sky’ issue. Here’s a look at page 15.

big kids dream weaver

RHS is the artists interpretation of seed to sky. As you probably guessed, this is indeed a dream making machine, complete with a pink elephant generator and a giant glazed pink donut maker.

LHS, my daughters interpretation. From the top down; purple lollypops, teeth, balloons, mountains, a fish and fire inside water! The teeth have crosses in them to ward off the fire burning inside the water (ofcourse).

Don’t you just love the chutzpah of these women who put together such beautiful arts & crafts magazines for the rest of us to enjoy, well done ladies!



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