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Rainy Day Crafts

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School holidays are almost over!

We’ve been swimming a little…


Travelling a little…

st kilda

and eating lots…


With a forecast of rain ’till the end of the week, we’ll be wrapping up the holidays with a whole lotta this…



Rainy Day Crafts

1 teacup

 Craft based on favourite bedtime book at the moment: Amy & Louis

1 amy and louis

1 cooee louee

Coo-ee is a prolonged, shrill call originally used by indigenous Aboriginal Australians as a cry that carries out over long distances. In the 1840s, Australians could be heard coo-eeing through the foggy streets of London, desperate to find their fellow country men. It has become a national marker of Australian-ness.

Another Australian custom to partake in this Australia Day… Thong throwing competition. Throw far, throw wide and Coo-eee!

1 thong throwing

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