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Can-Can Valentines

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Spills and frills! The can-can wasn’t always so. It was once a ballroom dance for couples that evolved into the chorus line of high kicks and petticoats that the Moulin Rouge became known for.

1 jean gabriel can can

In French, Can-Can means ‘scandal.’ At the time it was considered scandalous for a woman to be seen dancing in public in a way that implied a lack of self control and left the participant hopelessly out of breath.

 How the definition of scandal continues to change!

scandalous collage

  In time for Valentines, a Can-Can craft activity.

3 can can girls ii

“La vie est belle, voila le quadrille!”

 ‘Life is beautiful, here comes the Cancan!’  Toulouse Lautrec.

1 can can girlii

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