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Mr Tiger Goes Wild by Peter Brown

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This is a tale about a tiger with issues with civilization.

1 bored tiger

Bored with living polite and proper, he decides to go a little wild. He ceases to sip tea and grows a little rowdier each day. One day he goes so far as to jump out of a fountain a la nude and streak around town in his birthday suit.


This earns him a one way ticket out of town and into the wilderness, where he can run, roar and rip into raw food to his hearts’ content.

1 hungry tigerii

Alas, he grows bored of this too. He heads back to town, only to find that his friends are getting a little wilder too. Only then does he feel free to be himself, and so does everyone else (safety in numbers?)

mr tiger cladii

One question Mr.Tiger, why did you need to see that the other animals were just as weird and wild as you, before you could accept your wonderful self?

For a book about self-actualization why the need for self-validation through others? Mr Tiger, you’re much like us humans.

Mr Tiger goes wild… or does he?


ps I love it that Mr Tiger au natural is the books centrefold!

(Tiger craft to follow ….)

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