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Ana Kraš inspired lampshade

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This is Ana Kraš.

ana n monkey

She makes bonbon lanterns.


She lives in New York with Devendra Banhart. This is what she looks like threading a lantern.

ana making

My ‘creative space’ looks a little different to this. The floor is a mine field of hoola hoops. Daughter is learning how to hoop, ‘look at me mum, look at me!’ Son is elbow deep in mushed pear. The noodles are boiling over. Ah, the serenity.

I tried to make an Ana Kraš inspired lampshade. It all started well. First wool..


then twine..


more wool..


This is when I became impatient and started using ribbon..


more ribbon..


then fabric. oh dear.

end result3

This Pinterest analogy pretty much sums it up.

1 nailed it

Fortunately we’re going to see Devendra play tomorrow night. This should cheer me up a bit!

1 on head


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