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Trends and Fads. Aren’t they funny things.


planking on tiger


youve been flocked

Doodle Bombing…

  hattie stewart  vogue  casa di patsi

Over the weekend daughter Doodle bombed an old issue of Big Kids Magazine and left one page for me.

big kids doodle2

Apparently there’s a whole psychology to doodling. If you doodle stars, it indicates that you’re optimistic and hopeful. Flowers are for sensitive souls and stick figures are for the successful! and what of a mermaid with a nose ring??


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Jungle Party

After weeks of painting props and pimping the hills hoist, daughter had her jungle birthday party over the weekend.


Jelly, junk food and jumping castle …



Butterfly pinata and a jungle lady complete with cold blooded creatures that the kids were only too happy to peck, pet and wrap around their necks!

1 pet n wrap



They sat on, pulled out and played with the party props…

1 toucan and monkeys

1 flamongo and croc

carting them home too!


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Kirsty Loves Cardboard

 illusion art

Young or old? Foliage or face? It’s all a matter of perspective isn’t it?

One man sees a box of beer, another sees a croc!

kirsty croc 2

Kirsty Fletcher is a Melbourne based artist. It’s incredible what she can make with a little cardboard and a lot of imagination!



We’ve been painting party props with leftover cardboard packaging in the lead up to daughters birthday party.

1 safari or snailii

Safari Gym or Snail?

Not really the same Wow factor as Kirsty’s creations, but cheap and sturdy enough for the kids to demolish.

a two pink flamingos