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Who doesn’t love a good Chuck Norris joke? Gravity is Space’s way of keeping Chuck Norris away from it. Chuck Norris makes Newtons apple fall up. Well move over Chuck and make way for William Bonnet.

Wills character Leo is one fit fella, equipped with a musical suitcase and what looks like many years of devoted yoga practice, he performs on stage a. while you watch the inverted projected version on stage b. This physical theatre “suitable for ages 8 to 108”, starts with a musical collage. From Sinatra to soul Leo dances and defies gravity.

leo anti gravityIn the middle part Leo turns the slapstick down a notch and chalks it up as the production slows down its pace. This is where my seven year old rested her eyes a little (although I suspect this had more to do with the walk to and from Wooloomooloo for a one metre pizza!)

leo chalk

We were still plenty entertained as Leo ventured underwater. Things started to get sombre with a good dose of trippy video projection to display Leo’s ability to scale walls and hang from ceilings too before turning to his trusty suitcase for a Mary Poppins style exit.

Thankyou Arts Rocket http://www.artsrocket.blogspot.com.au/ for a great afternoon out!


28 June 2014 – 13 July 2014 at the Sydney Opera House

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