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Kangaroo Carousel

Adventure is not outside man; it is within.

Well put George Elliot! Clearly you’ve not experienced the ‘adventure’ of life indoors with two kids… during school holidays! Yessir, that’s 14 consecutive days of non stop “mama I’m bored.” And so one must take the adventure outside. We went bush…

Oberon Collage

we went beach…

Glenelg CollageGlenelg Collage2

Now back home and daughter is still yabbering on about kangaroos and carousels, so we merged the two for this craft activity…




Kids colour in kangaroos whilst unicorn waits patiently



Cardboard carousel top

1 to 5 carousel top

Pipe cleaners passed through straws


 Kangaroo Carousel!


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Monster Straw Toppers

With Halloween only a few days away, are you expecting ghoulish guests with sugar pangs, wings and fangs?

Dr. Frankenstein's Monster Drawing Machine, by Michael Slack

Dr. Frankenstein’s Monster Drawing Machine, by Michael Slack

Being Australian we’re doing a pre trick or treat BBQ (any excuse to fire up the old stack of bricks!) This is the craft activity we’ll have on hand for the little zombies, witches and ghost busters. Cardboard monsters on paddle pops for the kids to colour in.

Paddle pop monsters to colour inInspired by these Alisa Burke toilet roll monsters, straw toppers to keep the little monsters hydrated.

Alisa Burke toilet roll monsters

What’s happening with the aqua roll in the middle? Looks like he’s about to blow his top!

Alisa Burke inspired monster straw toppers

Pastel pencils used, coloured in by daughter.

A few of my own characters…

coloure in franky and co straw toppers

Printable Monsters

1 straw toppers

Copy, cut and colour

colouring in grey lady

Glue to straws with craft glue

frank n grey straws

Just add juice and enjoy!

eyeballs and toppers

logo_fun family crafts


Paper People

Malin Koort is a Swedish illustrator, designer and artist.

Her illustrations tell stories, ‘mostly about small people and big feelings.’

These photos are a few from her ‘Paper People’ series. If a picture says more than a thousand words, what do you think is happening here?

malin koort paper collageHere are some of my suggestions….

1 Do you have it in yellow

bad dog ii

Here are a few Malin Koort paper people my daughter and I coloured in with pastels and coloured pencils…

colouring lady in pastels

Three paper people

Malin Koort inpired paper family of my in laws, for the kids to colour in whilst mum and dad are having mojitos in Manhattan! 

Family C Collage

How to…

1 instructions

Bon voyage (you lucky, lucky lady!!)

mi familia


Bring on The Stork!

This is how I feel right now…

1 Girl and penguins

Happy, nervous, but mostly waddling!

So pregnant that I’m bursting at the seams (37 weeks), how does one keep up with a boisterous 6 year old??

Craft, craft and more craft. This is what my daughter and I have been doing lately…

Paddle pop penguins using newspaper, cardboard, acrylic paint, pencils, paddle pops and googly eyes!

Paper and paint collage penguinsBubble wrap Squids Craft… Bubble wrap (hello old friend), paint, illustrated squids, textas, glitter and cardboard…

bubblewrap squids craftBirdie Bunting! Cardboard, twine, paint, raffia, hand drawn birds and textas.

1 twine and pink painted bunting

1 Three bird bunting

Birdie Bunting

Hopefully not waddling for much longer!

shoo vintage stork postcard

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Fairy Garden

Tales of fairies and fairy tales date back to the Dark Ages. Originally ‘faeries’ were depicted as tall and radiant beings, or elderly wizened trolls. There were strange and unknowable fairies, and fairies that lurked in logs and stole human babies and substituted them for their own.

Somewhere along the way they started to feature in stories that began with ‘Once upon a time in a faraway land’ filled with goblins, gnomes, elves and trolls, who hindered or helped with a noble quest that ended ‘happily ever after.’ They became increasingly chipper, younger, winged, diminutive in size and lathered in fairy dust.

The evolution of Fairie in Folklore

At my daughters’ school, barrel filled fairy gardens are popping up like mushrooms. With school holidays approaching, thought to make a fairy garden to keep her occupied.

Firstly I sketched out fairies in lead pencil and outlined in black marker pen on very thick white cardboard.

Garden fairy illustrations

Then I cut them out for a play date where a gaggle of girls took to them with pencils and textas.

fairies craft activity

We went to a local nursery and chose a selection of cacti and succulents…

Cactus and succulentsReplanted them into a wooden tub and added the green fairy my daughter coloured in!!

Fairy in Garden

Added decorative bits; snail, mushrooms, butterfly and flowers.

Fairy in Garden 2

Sunlit fairy garden…

Fairy in Garden 4

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