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Play School Props

The sun shines bright as the quasi tropical birds whistle an eerie tune (aka Kill Bill). The flying machine farts, grunts and whoops as the occupants on board sip milkshakes. After a soft as a pillow landing, they disembark only to re-board the ever bumpy Ninky Nonk (genius idea on a tummy full of liquid ice cream).


Yes. Welcome to the world of kids TV, where colour and content shall never meet. Fortunately, this mind numbing stimulation is peppered with something for us bleary, weary parents too: Shaun the Sheep, Small Potatoes and a big shout out to the Queen of dry humour… Nanny plum.

nanny plum

These shows come and go. Few seem to have the staying power of Play School, which has been around since my mum had pimples. Jay and Justine sing pitch perfect incy wincy with spider in hand, fashioned from bottle tops, foam, pipe cleaners, sticky tape and wool. It’s terrific, and looks pretty do-able if you’re crafty inclined.

abc for kids


playschool props

halloween spiders


Make your own play props…¬† http://www.abc.net.au/abcforkids/sites/playschool/makeanddo/craft/

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Jungle Party

After weeks of painting props and pimping the hills hoist, daughter had her jungle birthday party over the weekend.


Jelly, junk food and jumping castle …



Butterfly pinata and a jungle lady complete with cold blooded creatures that the kids were only too happy to peck, pet and wrap around their necks!

1 pet n wrap



They sat on, pulled out and played with the party props…

1 toucan and monkeys

1 flamongo and croc

carting them home too!



Bring on The Stork!

This is how I feel right now…

1 Girl and penguins

Happy, nervous, but mostly waddling!

So pregnant that I’m bursting at the seams (37 weeks), how does one keep up with a boisterous 6 year old??

Craft, craft and more craft. This is what my daughter and I have been doing lately…

Paddle pop penguins using newspaper, cardboard, acrylic paint, pencils, paddle pops and googly eyes!

Paper and paint collage penguinsBubble wrap Squids Craft… Bubble wrap (hello old friend), paint, illustrated squids, textas, glitter and cardboard…

bubblewrap squids craftBirdie Bunting! Cardboard, twine, paint, raffia, hand drawn birds and textas.

1 twine and pink painted bunting

1 Three bird bunting

Birdie Bunting

Hopefully not waddling for much longer!

shoo vintage stork postcard

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Fairy Garden

Tales of fairies and fairy tales date back to the Dark Ages. Originally ‘faeries’ were depicted as tall and radiant beings, or elderly wizened trolls. There were strange and unknowable fairies, and fairies that lurked in logs and stole human babies and substituted them for their own.

Somewhere along the way they started to feature in stories that began with ‘Once upon a time in a faraway land’ filled with goblins, gnomes, elves and trolls, who hindered or helped with a noble quest that ended ‘happily ever after.’ They became increasingly chipper, younger, winged, diminutive in size and lathered in fairy dust.

The evolution of Fairie in Folklore

At my daughters’ school, barrel filled fairy gardens are popping up like mushrooms. With school holidays approaching, thought to make a fairy garden to keep her occupied.

Firstly I sketched out fairies in lead pencil and outlined in black marker pen on very thick white cardboard.

Garden fairy illustrations

Then I cut them out for a play date where a gaggle of girls took to them with pencils and textas.

fairies craft activity

We went to a local nursery and chose a selection of cacti and succulents…

Cactus and succulentsReplanted them into a wooden tub and added the green fairy my daughter coloured in!!

Fairy in Garden

Added decorative bits; snail, mushrooms, butterfly and flowers.

Fairy in Garden 2

Sunlit fairy garden…

Fairy in Garden 4

For more Fairy Gardens see:


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Watermelon Kids Party

May is a good month in our home as it’s our daughters birthday. May is also a good month for folk in East Dublin, Georgia, as they have their Annual Redneck games! Festive delights include armpit serenading, pig feet bobbing, the mud pit belly flop, toilet seat tossin’ and watermelon pip spittin’.

Georgia annual redneck games

Turning to the games for inspiration (minus the fartin’, bobbin’, tossin’ and spittin’), this year my daughters birthday was a watermelon coloured high tea.


Using a Bryne net tent from Ikea, threaded streamers over the outside string. Added foam roses and a green crepe top.

How to make a watermelon streamers and roses tent

Watermelon kids net tentI hanged the watermelon tent over the kids food serving table before loading it up with watermelon coloured party foods.

Watermelon kids net tent with foodWATERMELON COLOURED PARTY FOODS

1) Green Jelly, White chocolate mousse and strawberry syrup cups.

2) Decorated marshmellows with edible marker pens and weaved onto bamboo skewers with red licorice and watermelon sour sweets.

3) Pink Vanilla cupcakes with green icing and pink sprinkles.

Watermelon coloured party food


Made with foam packaging & acrylic paints.

how to paint watermelon bunting

watermelon bunting

For a small dose of Hill Billy fun… The Three legged race!
Old school and loads of fun!

three legged race

Happy 6th Birthday to my Beautiful girl!

  • watermelon rain

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Everything tastes better with Butter!

warhol cow print

From udder to butter! Isn’t it amazing that what starts off as a cow lazily masticating grass results in a froth of milky goodness. This milk is then churned until it separates, the fat being the butter that is then salted and stacked in neat little packs to tempt their way into our cooking.

My mum is a big fan of Chilli and Garlic so thought this year for Mothers Day to make her a Chilli Garlic Baba butter jar. I slowly melted 1 block of butter with 2tbsp of chilli and garlic. Poured it into a tray lined with baking paper, spreading spices evenly with a spoon before putting in fridge to set.

Making garlic chilli butter

Once cooled and set I cut the butter out with cookie cutters.

Baba butter cookie cut outs

Then I cleaned out a Taco sauce jar and decorated it with a paper collage interior and personalised paper lid using paint, stamps and glitter.

collage cut out and glitter painting

Now whenever mum wants to add a little extra heat to her meat all she has to do is start off with one piece of Chilli Garlic butter in the pan and sizzle her way to a yummy meal!

baba butter in a jar

Hope you had a good Mother’s Day too!


Let’s Fly Away!

There are many things in this life that are in short supply. Top of the list is Sleep, followed closely by More time. Nipping at his heels are the fishes in the deep blue sea, the little birds that sing at dawn, and honeybees.

Things lacking

Well now we can add Helium to that list too. Earth’s supply of helium is predicted to be exhausted within the next 30 years. Although we can bio-engineer an ear to grow on a mouse, we cannot make more helium. This gas took 4.7 billion years of solar fusion and radioactive decay from terrestrial rock to accumulate, and about 100 years for us to use!

So make haste as your days of sucking back a lung full of helium and singing like a Bee Gee are numbered!

bee gees

Stayin’ alive, Stayin’ alive, a,a,a, ahhhh my goodness really?

No more blimps, no more party balloons! Although our parties may never look (or sound) the same again, spare a thought for hospitals who use liquid helium to cool their MRI scanners!

At a recent playgroup we did a very simple and fun craft with acrylic paints and fingerprints. I drew a picture of a bike with lots of string tied to it and the kids fingerprinted the helium balloons. My demo bike loaded with helium balloons ready to fly away…

Fingerprint kids craft

The kids having finger dabbing fun…

kids finger painting Collage

1 all the kids fingerpainting

The kids efforts…

2 the kids bikes

For more kids fingerprints craft ideas click here: https://speckledsydney.wordpress.com/category/fingerprint-kids-craft/