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Elvis has left the building

Wise men say,

only fools rush in…”


…sang a man from Mississippi in a sequinned white jump suit.

Heeding the words of The King, I pondered and procrastinated for some time before jumping into this new venture.

All future blogging will take place at http://www.speckled.com.au/blog

Pinning things here: https://www.pinterest.com/Speckled/

 N colouring in elvis

Mobile art and craft classes for the elderly in nursing homes and aged care facilities in Sydney.

NSW seniors week vegas

Just in time for Seniors week 2015…

Viva Las Elvis!

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Halloween Haunted House

It’s that time of year again. Ghouls and goblins hit the streets en masse.

They’re not after our bodies, minds, or souls. They’re after something much more sugar coated…candy!

They wade their way through suburban sprawl, cling wrapped in bed sheets and toilet rolls, fangs out, wings on.. They ding dong and knock knock till their little pointer fingers and knuckles can stand no more. Or until those little buckets are full.

Being the end of October, did a Halloween craft with the ladies at the nursing home; haunted house, complete with a mix of monsters.

Each lady chose a monster to colour in with water paints. All chose bright colours (These are cheery monsters)

We glued the monsters behind the window frames then added cellophane. Put them up onto a window for natural light to shine through the back of the haunted house for all to enjoy!