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Trick or Treat?

This is Mr.Pumpkin.We lit him up pre – Halloween (a test run). 

lit up

This is how he looked the morning after!

1 poor fella ii

Poor Mr.Pumpkin caved before his time, he was soft and gooey and smelled rank. Trick-or-treat? Definitely Trick. Fortunately the other Halloween decorations were a treat. This is what they looked like…

cellophane balloons

halloween collage 1

halloween collage 2

the kids II

The race for Candy…

the race for candy

How was your Halloween? Did you trick or treat then gorge on sweets!

halloween poster


Bring on The Stork!

This is how I feel right now…

1 Girl and penguins

Happy, nervous, but mostly waddling!

So pregnant that I’m bursting at the seams (37 weeks), how does one keep up with a boisterous 6 year old??

Craft, craft and more craft. This is what my daughter and I have been doing lately…

Paddle pop penguins using newspaper, cardboard, acrylic paint, pencils, paddle pops and googly eyes!

Paper and paint collage penguinsBubble wrap Squids Craft… Bubble wrap (hello old friend), paint, illustrated squids, textas, glitter and cardboard…

bubblewrap squids craftBirdie Bunting! Cardboard, twine, paint, raffia, hand drawn birds and textas.

1 twine and pink painted bunting

1 Three bird bunting

Birdie Bunting

Hopefully not waddling for much longer!

shoo vintage stork postcard

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Watermelon Kids Party

May is a good month in our home as it’s our daughters birthday. May is also a good month for folk in East Dublin, Georgia, as they have their Annual Redneck games! Festive delights include armpit serenading, pig feet bobbing, the mud pit belly flop, toilet seat tossin’ and watermelon pip spittin’.

Georgia annual redneck games

Turning to the games for inspiration (minus the fartin’, bobbin’, tossin’ and spittin’), this year my daughters birthday was a watermelon coloured high tea.


Using a Bryne net tent from Ikea, threaded streamers over the outside string. Added foam roses and a green crepe top.

How to make a watermelon streamers and roses tent

Watermelon kids net tentI hanged the watermelon tent over the kids food serving table before loading it up with watermelon coloured party foods.

Watermelon kids net tent with foodWATERMELON COLOURED PARTY FOODS

1) Green Jelly, White chocolate mousse and strawberry syrup cups.

2) Decorated marshmellows with edible marker pens and weaved onto bamboo skewers with red licorice and watermelon sour sweets.

3) Pink Vanilla cupcakes with green icing and pink sprinkles.

Watermelon coloured party food


Made with foam packaging & acrylic paints.

how to paint watermelon bunting

watermelon bunting

For a small dose of Hill Billy fun… The Three legged race!
Old school and loads of fun!

three legged race

Happy 6th Birthday to my Beautiful girl!

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