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Summer Fruits Suncatcher

The jacarandas are in bloom and juicy summer fruits are back.

Cherries, Mangoes, Strawberries and Watermelon!

b summer fruits on wall

Back to work for me too.


Returning to running art classes at a local nursing home and looking forward to kicking it off with this fruity craft!



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Kirsty Loves Cardboard

 illusion art

Young or old? Foliage or face? It’s all a matter of perspective isn’t it?

One man sees a box of beer, another sees a croc!

kirsty croc 2

Kirsty Fletcher is a Melbourne based artist. It’s incredible what she can make with a little cardboard and a lot of imagination!



We’ve been painting party props with leftover cardboard packaging in the lead up to daughters birthday party.

1 safari or snailii

Safari Gym or Snail?

Not really the same Wow factor as Kirsty’s creations, but cheap and sturdy enough for the kids to demolish.

a two pink flamingos