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The Regeneration Project, Wendy Goldstein & Sue Lennox

Turn on, tune in and drop out. The average American child spends 44 hours a week watching TV, whilst Australian kids spend twice as much time watching TV than they do reading a book. It’s a way of life now, it’s on in the background, it’s on during bath time and as you’re juggling the kids and making dinner. Children are spending less time outdoors and more time looking at a screen. In 1995, Richard Louv coined the term ‘Nature Deficit Disorder’ to describe this disengagement of children from nature.

kids tv

If children spend less time in nature early in life, they’re less likely to care for nature as adults. In this increasingly digital age, how looks the future for nature?

Wendy Goldstein and Sue Lennox (from Macquarie University & Oz Green) have partnered to launch a project called The Re Generation Project, that is asking what can be done to reconnect young people with nature. They’re calling for young people to share their ideas on https://www.facebook.com/theregeneration.inspirenature

Nature’s not a destination, it’s as close as your own backyard!

1the kids picking flowers

So out we went, into the backyard to play and pick our small stash of plants for our pressed plant terrariums.


pressed leaf terrarium with dinos

Draw out your terrarium onto thick sheets of white paper, painting in a little dirt. Glue plants onto your terrarium and layer over with clear contact. Press down over the contact with your hands then cut out.

1 making pressed leaf terrarium

The kids making their pressed plant terrariums



 Other nature craft ideas… with leaves

2 craft with leavesSticks & Twigs

3 craft with twigsRocks

1 craft with rocks



Marshmallows & Edible Markers

Edible. Markers. Sounds as compatible as Chalk. Cheese.

8 fruity marshmallow sticks

Instructions on the back read “Ideal para Queso”…. ideal for cheese. Yes, remarkable, doodling on cheese, so why not on marshmallows, which is what we did and will do often over the school holidays. Daughter has this thing for fruit sticks: skewers pierced through 1 part fruit: 10 part marshmallow. A bit light on the fruit, nonetheless, after a long day when a little persuasion is required…

watercolour feathers glued to skewers

9 watercolour feathersAdd edible markers, fruit, kids and marshmallows…

10 girls colouring marshmallows

1 finished mm

The girls and the fruits and mallows of their efforts

13 mm girls

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So much to do, so little time…

A few months back I partook in a great delusion… If I make a ‘To Do’ List, everything on it will get done. Procrastination will be a thing of the past and a shiny new efficient me will emerge. And so I made 7 lists with 7 To Do’s on each (see Feb post: The Big 7). Some of the things listed got done. Shirts were ironed, nooks and crannies were mopped out and the kitchen range hood shines like a copper coin. Towards the end I began listing craft and redecorating projects I wanted to finish off before baby comes.

Now past 38 weeks and waiting for baby to vacate the premises, this is this weeks To Do List….

Having a baby To Do list

As I’m having baby any day, it’s also made me think of this blog. Where do I go from here? As I enter a new phase in life, one marked with the annihilation of a good nights sleep, dodgy personal hygiene and a little Mini Master to be on call for, there’ll be little or no hope of coherent thoughts on my part, and so I’ll be taking a break from blogging.

Thankyou for all your likes and comments! It’s been reassuring to know I haven’t been talking to myself these past months. I hope to return to a life where crafty misadventures and writing about them is back on the cards, but who knows what the future holds.

Until then, Moo Cow, Double Quack!

expecting rain

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Everything tastes better with Butter!

warhol cow print

From udder to butter! Isn’t it amazing that what starts off as a cow lazily masticating grass results in a froth of milky goodness. This milk is then churned until it separates, the fat being the butter that is then salted and stacked in neat little packs to tempt their way into our cooking.

My mum is a big fan of Chilli and Garlic so thought this year for Mothers Day to make her a Chilli Garlic Baba butter jar. I slowly melted 1 block of butter with 2tbsp of chilli and garlic. Poured it into a tray lined with baking paper, spreading spices evenly with a spoon before putting in fridge to set.

Making garlic chilli butter

Once cooled and set I cut the butter out with cookie cutters.

Baba butter cookie cut outs

Then I cleaned out a Taco sauce jar and decorated it with a paper collage interior and personalised paper lid using paint, stamps and glitter.

collage cut out and glitter painting

Now whenever mum wants to add a little extra heat to her meat all she has to do is start off with one piece of Chilli Garlic butter in the pan and sizzle her way to a yummy meal!

baba butter in a jar

Hope you had a good Mother’s Day too!