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Fairy Garden

Tales of fairies and fairy tales date back to the Dark Ages. Originally ‘faeries’ were depicted as tall and radiant beings, or elderly wizened trolls. There were strange and unknowable fairies, and fairies that lurked in logs and stole human babies and substituted them for their own.

Somewhere along the way they started to feature in stories that began with ‘Once upon a time in a faraway land’ filled with goblins, gnomes, elves and trolls, who hindered or helped with a noble quest that ended ‘happily ever after.’ They became increasingly chipper, younger, winged, diminutive in size and lathered in fairy dust.

The evolution of Fairie in Folklore

At my daughters’ school, barrel filled fairy gardens are popping up like mushrooms. With school holidays approaching, thought to make a fairy garden to keep her occupied.

Firstly I sketched out fairies in lead pencil and outlined in black marker pen on very thick white cardboard.

Garden fairy illustrations

Then I cut them out for a play date where a gaggle of girls took to them with pencils and textas.

fairies craft activity

We went to a local nursery and chose a selection of cacti and succulents…

Cactus and succulentsReplanted them into a wooden tub and added the green fairy my daughter coloured in!!

Fairy in Garden

Added decorative bits; snail, mushrooms, butterfly and flowers.

Fairy in Garden 2

Sunlit fairy garden…

Fairy in Garden 4

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