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Can-Can Valentines

Spills and frills! The can-can wasn’t always so. It was once a ballroom dance for couples that evolved into the chorus line of high kicks and petticoats that the Moulin Rouge became known for.

1 jean gabriel can can

In French, Can-Can means ‘scandal.’ At the time it was considered scandalous for a woman to be seen dancing in public in a way that implied a lack of self control and left the participant hopelessly out of breath.

 How the definition of scandal continues to change!

scandalous collage

  In time for Valentines, a Can-Can craft activity.

3 can can girls ii

“La vie est belle, voila le quadrille!”

 ‘Life is beautiful, here comes the Cancan!’  Toulouse Lautrec.

1 can can girlii


Bee my Valentine

Yep, it’s that time of year again, when people the world over turn to Barry White, a box of chocolates or a suitably soppy card to express their feelings for each other. As much as I’d love to be beedazzled by De Beers, it’s very likely I’ll bee seing less bling and more the garden variety token of love. As for myself, don’t know what I’ll be giving husband for Valentines yet, but it’s sure to bee wrapped in some very inere-sting paper.
Rather than droning on and on, why don’t I just show you how I made some beeautiful valentine’s day wrapping paper using acrylic paint, bubble wrap, thumb prints and a black marker pen.
 1 paint bubble wrap
Painted the bubble wrap yellow then rolled it along the brown butchers paper. Painted another layer of colour: orange/ red and rolled again in a different direction.
2 rolled out wrap and paint
The bubble wrap was supposed to look like honey comb. 3 bubble wrap yellow and orange
Dabbed thumb in yellow paint and made random thumb prints on the paper. Once dry, used a thick black marker pen to draw in buzzing bees. 4 bees in progress
5 bees wrap paper
I glued the  paper to the surface of a pizza sized box, all ready for an edible gift!

8 gift box

Now I have to find a gift for the box, and not the other way around. Just add card and tacky quote. eg. Let’s misbeehave!
Any other sickly sweet suggestions?
Bee my valentine