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About Me

Hola, G’day and Hello! I see you’ve clicked on my “About me” page, so here’s a little about me…

In my past life I was an expat who had the pleasure of living in a few beautiful countries and the joy of visiting others.

About Me Collage

Now I’ve settled down in Sydney, Australia with my growing family, am busy in the pursuit of domestic bliss and an ever growing ironing pile. 


I craft for fun.

My regular laundry companions!

Backyards visitors

6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I love your style. You bring dignity and grace and beauty to the wolrd

  2. Hi from another crafty Sydneysider 🙂

  3. Hi Desertrose, welcome & happy crafting.

  4. I found this blog through a Pinterest post.
    I’m a teacher and I was looking into painting student chairs in my classrooms
    I know I CAN spray paint them. But, I don’t know of that is a good idea and if it will last a long time.
    Have you painted plastic chairs that have received heavy use? How have they held up?
    I was unable to find the post that the Pinterest pic was linked to.

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