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Green Eggs & Spaceships

Green Eggs and Spaceships. Doesn’t roll off the tongue like Green Eggs and Ham, nonetheless it’s a bit of fun!

Unless you have the tenacity of Sam-I-Am to present and persuade in a many a way… with a goat on a boat, in a box with a fox, in a house with a mouse, on a train in the rain…

maybe just boil them up in green food dye and pop ’em in a spaceship. They’re outta this world!

SS 1 to 4

One toilet roll, a strip of silver crepe paper and a boiled green egg later…


Hiding in the fridge…


Now how to make vegetables appealing!??

“It’s not about what it is, it’s about what it can become.”

Dr Seuss, The Lorax.

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Fairy Garden

Tales of fairies and fairy tales date back to the Dark Ages. Originally ‘faeries’ were depicted as tall and radiant beings, or elderly wizened trolls. There were strange and unknowable fairies, and fairies that lurked in logs and stole human babies and substituted them for their own.

Somewhere along the way they started to feature in stories that began with ‘Once upon a time in a faraway land’ filled with goblins, gnomes, elves and trolls, who hindered or helped with a noble quest that ended ‘happily ever after.’ They became increasingly chipper, younger, winged, diminutive in size and lathered in fairy dust.

The evolution of Fairie in Folklore

At my daughters’ school, barrel filled fairy gardens are popping up like mushrooms. With school holidays approaching, thought to make a fairy garden to keep her occupied.

Firstly I sketched out fairies in lead pencil and outlined in black marker pen on very thick white cardboard.

Garden fairy illustrations

Then I cut them out for a play date where a gaggle of girls took to them with pencils and textas.

fairies craft activity

We went to a local nursery and chose a selection of cacti and succulents…

Cactus and succulentsReplanted them into a wooden tub and added the green fairy my daughter coloured in!!

Fairy in Garden

Added decorative bits; snail, mushrooms, butterfly and flowers.

Fairy in Garden 2

Sunlit fairy garden…

Fairy in Garden 4

For more Fairy Gardens see:



Thumbs up for Star Wars

If fantasy were to become reality, would it ever be just as good?

For me it would be the day I could have a satisfying three course chewing gum meal, think Willy Wonka minus the side effects of when you get to blueberry pie! For Star Wars fans, Princess Leia style holograms projected from a mobile device is apparently a soon to be reality. Happy you must be!

leia hologram

Drawing inspiration from Star Wars Thumb Doodles, I made Star Wars wrapping paper using thumbprints, paint and a marker pen.

Star Wars thumb doodles

With a clean thumb and acrylic paints I set to printing. Here are the fingerprint doodles before and after…

1 R2D2 C3PO and yoda thumbprints

Here’s the Star Wars fingerprint gift wrapped Birthday present…

1 Starwars gift wrap

Say it with Stamps…

Star Wars happy birthday giftwrap

More Star Wars fingerprintspiration…

Star wars thumbprint Collage

family fun crafts logo

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Everything tastes better with Butter!

warhol cow print

From udder to butter! Isn’t it amazing that what starts off as a cow lazily masticating grass results in a froth of milky goodness. This milk is then churned until it separates, the fat being the butter that is then salted and stacked in neat little packs to tempt their way into our cooking.

My mum is a big fan of Chilli and Garlic so thought this year for Mothers Day to make her a Chilli Garlic Baba butter jar. I slowly melted 1 block of butter with 2tbsp of chilli and garlic. Poured it into a tray lined with baking paper, spreading spices evenly with a spoon before putting in fridge to set.

Making garlic chilli butter

Once cooled and set I cut the butter out with cookie cutters.

Baba butter cookie cut outs

Then I cleaned out a Taco sauce jar and decorated it with a paper collage interior and personalised paper lid using paint, stamps and glitter.

collage cut out and glitter painting

Now whenever mum wants to add a little extra heat to her meat all she has to do is start off with one piece of Chilli Garlic butter in the pan and sizzle her way to a yummy meal!

baba butter in a jar

Hope you had a good Mother’s Day too!


Let’s Fly Away!

There are many things in this life that are in short supply. Top of the list is Sleep, followed closely by More time. Nipping at his heels are the fishes in the deep blue sea, the little birds that sing at dawn, and honeybees.

Things lacking

Well now we can add Helium to that list too. Earth’s supply of helium is predicted to be exhausted within the next 30 years. Although we can bio-engineer an ear to grow on a mouse, we cannot make more helium. This gas took 4.7 billion years of solar fusion and radioactive decay from terrestrial rock to accumulate, and about 100 years for us to use!

So make haste as your days of sucking back a lung full of helium and singing like a Bee Gee are numbered!

bee gees

Stayin’ alive, Stayin’ alive, a,a,a, ahhhh my goodness really?

No more blimps, no more party balloons! Although our parties may never look (or sound) the same again, spare a thought for hospitals who use liquid helium to cool their MRI scanners!

At a recent playgroup we did a very simple and fun craft with acrylic paints and fingerprints. I drew a picture of a bike with lots of string tied to it and the kids fingerprinted the helium balloons. My demo bike loaded with helium balloons ready to fly away…

Fingerprint kids craft

The kids having finger dabbing fun…

kids finger painting Collage

1 all the kids fingerpainting

The kids efforts…

2 the kids bikes

For more kids fingerprints craft ideas click here: https://speckledsydney.wordpress.com/category/fingerprint-kids-craft/