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Dye Your Own Easter Eggs

how do you like them eyes

How did Easter go from crucifixion to chocolate eggs, resurrection to rabbits? hot cross buns and egg hunts?

Growing up I had mixed feelings about Easter. I had no gripe with hollow chocolate eggs of sub-standard quality. The teenage me had issues with going to Easter Sunday service, mostly because being the eldest child I had to hoard the basket for blessing. This big basket was laden with boiled and dyed eggs, hard and soft cheeses, breads, sausages, cured meats, salt and a candle. After a lengthy service (and no prior breakfast), we would fall upon the food like wilder beasts. Once full, the fun would really begin. My family partakes in egg tapping.

This is a time old Slavic tradition where you tap your hard boiled eggs in an attempt to crack your opponents egg and not your own. Last egg standing wins. I never had much luck with the win part, nonetheless, watching grown adults degenerate into fits of giggles over an egg tap is the best part of Easter for me.

slavic easter collage

As I’m bound to continue my losing ‘Egg Tap’ streak, I may as well at least have good looking eggs. This is my first attempt at dying eggs and a trial run for Easter Sunday. Materials: thread, stickers and food dye.

What you need to dye eggs

Firstly I hard boiled all eggs. I wrapped the first egg with string, added dot stickers and submerged in hot water with Rosado food dye and 1/4c vinegar for 5mins. Cooled egg, then removed string and stickers.

dyed thread red egg

Using two other eggs I added various chicken, rabbit, egg stickers. Left eggs to soak in pink and blue food dye and vinegar for 5 mins.Mixed food dye together and died one egg purple.

Stickers on eggs

The finished product…

All eggs

Not bad for a first attempt?

Happy Easter!

sretan uskrs eggs on tree

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